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photo of Tilt Rod Options Plantation Shutters

Tilt Rod Options

Central Tilt – A traditional tilt rod positioned in the centre of the louvre.

Offset Tilt - A traditional tilt rod positioned an inch off the edge of the louvre to the hinged side of the panel.

Hidden Tilt – Does exactly what it says on the tin, the tilt mechanism is hidden inside the stile of the panel, so just like the clear view turn one louvre and the rest will move in sync. Due to more engineering in the manufacturing process this adds 30% to the cost of the shutters.

We offer 15 different frame options whether you’d like the shutters positioned against your window in the recess or flush to front of the reveal allowing the panels to fold back against the wall.

photo of Full Height plantation shutters

Full Height shutters

These shutters cover the entire window and open as one panel top to bottom. They can be have a mid-rail or split louvre system so you can close the bottom portion of louvers for privacy but still have the top portion open for maximum privacy and light. Perfect for large flat windows, bay windows and doorways.

photo of Tier on Tier plantation shutters

Tier on Tier shutters

These shutters cover the entirety of the window but unlike Full height, the panels are split at a point of your choice, meaning you can fold back the top tier  leaving the bottom tier in place for maximum exposure while keeping your privacy. Perfect for a sash window.

photo of Café style plantation shutters

Café style shutters

These shutters only cover half our your window perfect if you just want privacy without blocking any light, ideal for street level windows and look great dressed with curtains.

photo of Tracked plantation shutters

Tracked shutters

These shutters are perfect for wide windows and door ways these shutters glide effortlessly along the track bi-folding as they go. You can stack them all to one side or have them split to each side.

photo of Shaped plantation shutters

Shaped Shutters

These shutters are custom made to follow any angles or curves your windows have. Ideal for windows where blinds won’t fit or where curtains will hide the natural beauty of the architecture in your property.

photo of French Cut-out plantation shutters

French Cut-out

These shutters are available in Full height only they are fitted to awkward inwards opening French doors where there is no possibility of fitting standard shutters into the recess. Fitted straight to the door and cut around the handle to offer full functionality of the existing door.

photo of Blackout plantation shutters

Blackout Shutters

These shutters are available in Full height or Tier on Tier provide further light control to your plantation shutters. With a Child Safe blackout fabric pleated blind fitted inside the frame to block out any light that would usually leak through standard plantation shutters.

photo of Solid Panel plantation shutters

Solid Panel

These shutters are Solid Panel going back to the classic look of shutters these supply much more insulation and light control than standard shutters but not as much functionality as they are not louvered.  They can be ordered as raised or flat.