Electric Blinds

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At The Newquay Shutter Company, we have over a decade of experience in our field and offer a lifetime fitting guarantee, so you know we will take pride in every aspect of what we do. We endeavour to provide first class customer service and offer exceptional levels of guidance and support throughout the work we do for you.

From your initial enquiry, we will book a FREE appointment to come to your property and measure the windows. We like to make your life easy, so when we visit to measure up, we bring the showroom to you, so you can choose your blinds in your home.

Benefits of Electric Blinds

These blinds have many merits and can be a great asset to your property:

  • They can be rechargeable, but the recharging regularity is minimal. This means that you only need to plug them into a standard household socket approximately every 6 months, dependent upon your usage.
  • They come in hardwired options, so that they can be wired directly into the mains electricity of your property, creating ease of use.
  • They are available in many different varieties of colour, design and construction.
  • They can be controlled by remote control, at the touch of a button, and by your ‘smart’ home automation system. You can control your blinds from your computer, handhold tablet or phone from anywhere in the world and from ‘Alexa’ (and other similar systems). You can also create automations for the blinds to open and close. This means that you can protect home furnishings from the sun during the hottest parts of the day. Additionally, automating closing or doing it remotely can create a secure look to the property if you are away from your home. Finally, you can also set your blinds to gradually open in the morning to wake you up gently.

The Different Types of Motorised Blinds

Like normal blinds, electric blinds are available in multiple styles including our popular plantation shutters, roller blinds, pleated blinds and venetian blinds:

Plantation Shutters: Plantation shutters are slatted blinds, commonly made from wood. They sit within their own frames and are then drilled into your window frame. Plantation shutters became popular in south America where they were fitted to the large homes that were on sugar or cotton plantations.

Roller Blinds: Electric roller blinds are a great option as they come in many different materials, designs and have sheer and completely opaque options. Roller blinds can be constructed to be child safe, flame retardant, antimicrobial and remote controlled.

Pleated Blinds: If you need your home space to be your retreat, preventing people from seeing in, but you still want some light to come in, pleated blinds are a great solution. They are also perfect for rooms like conservatories and attic rooms as they can be made with reflective backing, stopping these rooms from overheating but also keep them looking bright.

Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds can be made with 15mm, 25mm, 35mm & 50mm Slats and are available in wood, faux wood and aluminium constructions. They are available in multiple colours, effects and designs and are a desirable option for bay windows.