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Blindscreens provide a modern and effective blind covering option for your window. They’re easy to use, comes in many different styles, and are perfect for any room in your home or business.

At The Newquay Shutter Company, we know how important it to create a comfortable and appealing environment in your domestic or commercial property and Blindscreens are the perfect complement to do that. If you are looking for a window covering that is stylish and effective, look no further.

What are the Benefits of Blindscreens

There are many benefits to using blindscreens to cover your windows, including:

  • Sleek, Attractive Designs
    Blindscreens are created to enhance the look of every space. There are numerous styles available, so you’ll find the perfect solution for your aesthetic.
  • Quick to Install
    Blindscreens are simple to install, so we can quickly and simply upgrade your window with a blindscreen.
  • Insulation
    The blinds come in a honeycomb design which provides exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation for your window.
  • Different Screen Choices
    The blindscreens are available in single screens for keeping insects out, blackout options which are ideal for keeping light out and maintaining privacy and can be constructed to provide two separate screens on one frame. The dual frames can then be used as a single frame during the day to keep bugs out and then doubled up at night as a blackout blind.
  • Insect Protection
    Blindscreens are great at insects out, whilst allowing your property to ventilate. This can be especially in summer weather and if you live on farmland or have an issue with excessive flies and bugs.

Bespoke Blindscreens for Your Needs

Custom made blindscreens are built to precisely fit your window dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit. They have an attractive design and effectively keep heat in during winter and block it out during summer. This helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building. This benefit not only makes your space more pleasant to spend time in but also helps to lower energy bills. Get in touch with our experienced team today to find out more about how blindscreens can work for you.