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Charming Plantation Shutters for your home in Feock

Welcome to The Newquay Shutter Company!

We are shutter specialists and our charming plantation shutters are made using the finest materials, providing an exquisite finish.

As a local company, customer service is our first priority, ensuring customer satisfaction with every product purchase and installation. Our highly skilled team will work with you from start to finish, leaving you with your dream shutters that exude elegance.

Initially, we will arrange a free home visit to discuss styles, designs, colours, materials and prices. Following this, we will provide you with a free quote and should you wish to go ahead the next step is to arrange a date to get your plantation shutters fitted.

Contact The Newquay Shutter Company today and we will get you booked in. We always strive to provide the most competitive prices whilst never compromising on quality. Take a look through our online gallery to see some of our recent installations in the local area.

Beautiful Window Shutters

Known for quality, The Newquay Shutter Company provides a 5 year manufacturing warranty and lifetime guarantee on fitting for all hardwood plantation shutter installations.

Plantation Shutter Material Choices:

  • MDF Polymer - A fibreboard frame producing a classic look with panels and a veneer finish. 9 colour options available in this style.
  • Marchwood - Hardwood panels, MDF Frames and a painted finish. This is an affordable shutter style with 25 solid finish options and the ability to match to any colour on the DULUX paint chart.
  • Kingston - Hardwood frame and panels, all with a painted finish. Available in 47 different colours and stains, with the ability to match to any colour on the DULUX paint chart.
  • Vienna - ABS plastic shutters. Perfect for bathrooms and/or wet areas as they are moisture resistant.

Plantation Shutter Styles:

  • Full height - Covering the whole window. Ideal for large, flat, bay windows or doorways.
  • Tier-on-tier - Covering the entire window with the panels split at a point of your choosing. Ideal for sash windows.
  • Café style - Covering half the window, allowing privacy without blocking light. Ideal for street level windows.
  • Tracked - Ideal for wide windows and doorways, gliding effortlessly along a bi-folding door track.
  • Shaped - Custom made to fit unusual shapes, angles and curves of your windows.
  • French cut out - Full height and fitted directly to your French doors.
  • Blackout - Full height or tier-on-tier. A child safe, blackout fabric blind is fitted inside the frame, blocking out any light.
  • Solid panel - Raised or flat offering enhanced insulation and light control.

Contact our team today to arrange your free home visit - 01637 818 188!