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Photo of Classic MDF Shutters Full Height Central Tilt


MDF Polymer coated Medium-density fibreboard frame and panels with a veneered finish, available in 9 different colours.

Photo of March-wood Plantation Shutters Cafe Style Hidden Tilt


MDF frames with hardwood panels, the panels are much lighter than the MDF and have a painted finish rather than veneered. This is the go to product if you are on a budget but have large windows that require bi-folding panels. Available in 25 different solid finishes and any colour on the Dulux paint chart.

Photo of Kingston Teak Plantation Shutters Full Height Central Tilt


Hardwood Frame and Panels, frame and panels all finished with a painted finish available in 47 different colours and stains as well as being able to be matched to any colour on the Dulux paint chart.

Photo of Vienna Moisture resistant bathroom Tier on Tier Plantation shutters Hidden Tilt


Made of ABS Plastic (Same material as crash helmets and kettles) are completely moisture resistant making them the only material to be fitted in Bathrooms and wet areas. They look exactly like the timber counter parts apart from having ball catches rather than magnets and Marine grade stainless steel hinges.

photo of Tilt Rod Options Plantation Shutters

Tilt Rod Options

Central Tilt – A traditional tilt rod positioned in the centre of the louvre.

Offset Tilt - A traditional tilt rod positioned an inch off the edge of the louvre to the hinged side of the panel.

Hidden Tilt – Does exactly what it says on the tin, the tilt mechanism is hidden inside the stile of the panel, so just like the clear view turn one louvre and the rest will move in sync. Due to more engineering in the manufacturing process this adds 30% to the cost of the shutters.

We offer 15 different frame options whether you’d like the shutters positioned against your window in the recess or flush to front of the reveal allowing the panels to fold back against the wall.